Thcv سلالات الاعشاب

3 Feb 2015 THCV, or tetrahydrocannabivarin, is a unique cannabinoid found in cannabis high-THCV strains, but other options can be found in the strain list below. if a 4000 year old Chinese herbal lists cannabis (or whatever) as  Find information about the Doug's Varin cannabis strain including user reviews, crafted to contain high amounts of the psychoactive cannabinoid THCV. 11 Apr 2018 You know about THC, pot's most famous intoxicant. Is aged weed, aka CBN, the herbal sleep aid that can safely put A grueling journey brought back a strain that tested at only 1.1 percent THCV—a fairly tiny amount, but  THC Bomb is a hybrid cannabis strain. It is renowned for its Parents. Unknown. THC. 20-25%. CBD. Unknown. Smell & flavour. Citrus. Herbal. Sweet. Earthy.

A detailed guide to THCV: How THCV works in the brain and body, THCV medical benefits, and the difference between THC and THCV.

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Among them is THCV, also known as the "race car", a cannabinoid that is particularly interesting, yet less known than others, such as THC and CBD, these two being the most cited and researched in recent years. THCV doesn’t appear to suppress emotions, only the ability to panic, associated with Fight or Flight response. THCV has also been shown to reduce tremors associated with diseases such as Parkinson’s, along with ailments associated with motor… First, THC has a five-carbon atom group, whereas THCV has a three-carbon atom group. This structure changes how the molecule interacts with cannabinoid receptors. Read about the latest and the greatest cannabinoid revolutionizing the cannabis industry - THCV

THCV can be found mainly in sativa-dominant and especial y in African landrace strains such as Durban Poison or hybrids from that lineage. Synergy Wel ness uses the THCV-rich hybrid, Black Beauty.

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